Merihan Hussein transforming the female artist tradition from a hobby to a professional show | Video


Actress Merihan Hussein revealed steps she has taken with the aim of converting the videos in which artists imitate, and enjoy great admiration, from a hobby to professional shows.

During her interview with the journalist Sobhi Otri, and the journalist Basant Shams on the MBCTrending program, Merihan Hussein said: “The reason for my presence in Dubai is my association with business meetings. My dream is to turn the videos you watch into professional shows.”

And about the reason for filming and publishing these clips, she said: “The time of Corona, the ban, and staying at home, I was just having fun and playing and did not mean anything else, I had time and focus to do what I love.”

And about her entry into the field of singing, through a song in which she cooperates with the composer Mohamed Rahim, her fans have missed her a few days ago, she said: “I have been in the artistic field for years as an actress, but I have another ambition, and my entry into the field was mainly because of my desire to sing, but acting takes a lot. Of time, effort and focus. ”

She added: “Currently, because of Corona, the artworks have calmed down, so I decided to focus on my old dream of singing, and I met very big names, and I heard very beautiful things from them, and in the end my stability was on the genius Muhammad Rahim, and I am working with him now on the song (Singel) which is my first, And the song in which I introduce myself to the audience as a singer. ”

Returning to tradition, and the success of a video in which the artist imitated Myriam Fares, she said: “I paint and apply makeup in a beautiful way for myself. When I had time, I initially experimented with the character of the great lady Fairouz, my love in life, because it is far from my appearance, and the result was good, and responded People did very nice, so I continued, I have a mixture of the ability to imitate, paint and apply makeup. ”


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