Mehash and not talk about Amr .. Tamer Amin opens fire on Dina El-Sherbiny after her statements


Media launch Tamer AminA major attack on the artist Dina El Sherbiny after her statements with her last meeting with the artist Amr Youssef.
The media, Tamer Amin, said during his program “Akher Al-Nahar” that the news circulating about The separation of Dina El Sherbiny and Amr Diab Indeed, he emphasized that a number of close friends tried to reconcile between them, but it failed.
And he continued, “Frankly, I like the statements made Dina El Sherbiny During the past days, because she is not working with a wife against her ex-husband .. He is supposed after the separation, nobody talks … but Amr’s advantage is that he has the blessing of intelligence and knows what he says is his mother and does not say anything.

Tamer added, “I don’t like the idea of ​​entering into the secrets of homes … But by saying you hand us, you will not be able to do so … and you will not talk about the relationship that existed between you and Amr at all.”

And she has appeared Dina El-SherbinyIn the program “Frankly With” presented by Amr Youssef to Mbc in her first appearance after the crisis, and her fans expected that she would talk about her relationship with Amr Diab and the disagreement that occurred between them, but in fact this was not the case, but rather she was satisfied with expressing her opinion only about marriage and the nature of The relationship between a man and a woman and how it changes after they live together in the nest of marriage.

Intervals Dina El-Sherbiny : “Unfortunately, we take the idea of ​​permissibility. It is the end of the relationship, not the beginning of the relationship. His truth, then problems appear.

And “Dina” continued: “Everyone imagines that he owns what is in front of him, so he gets used to it, so get used to the cause of the routine, which is imposed every day in which there is new and renewal, you know me with a strong love of love.”


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