Medhat Abdel Hady comments on Ashraf Bin Sharqi’s exit, angry at the El Gouna confrontation


Medhat Abdel Hadi, the general coach of the first football team at Zamalek Club, expressed his happiness after the victory over El Gouna, with a goal without response, in the match that brought them together this evening, Tuesday, at Petrosport Stadium, in the eighth round of the life of the Premier League competition, so that Zamalek’s balance rose to point 19 It occupied the top of the league, two points ahead of Al-Ahly, the second-ranked player, on the other hand, the El Gouna team ranks third in the standings table with 15 points collected from 7 games, where the Sahel team won 4 games, tied in 3 games and suffered one defeat against Zamalek today.

Abdel-Hadi confirmed that the performance is better than the previous games, adding that Zamalek scored three points, which is the main goal, explaining that the technical staff is happy with the return of the duo Sassi and Mustafa Mohamed because they are a great addition to the team.

On the authority of Moroccan Ashraf bin Sharqi, Abdel Hadi said: “I think that he wanted to score after wasting the opportunity, and his exit is a point of view of the technical staff, and signs of anger appeared on Bin Sharqi during his exit from the match and Mustafa Mohamed descended instead.

And Pacheco said during his statements at the press conference: “At the beginning, I thank the officials of the Petrosport stadium and there was a noticeable improvement in the pitch, and talking about the top of the league is early, because the league is still long and we have strong confrontations, and every team wants to win over Zamalek.”

The technical director added For Zamalek: “We congratulate our players on winning against El Gouna, and it was a difficult match because it is a team that has not lost a match until today. Our players played a good game, defensively and offensively, and El Gouna tried various ways to equalize but could not.

He continued his speech: “El Gouna had more possession, but we were organized, and talking about all lines, not just defense or attack, we think about matching a match, but it is badly to determine the leader, and every match will be difficult, and opening the door for transfers affects the players and their focus.”

Pacheco added: “The goals from outside the penalty area are a result of training, and we could not score all the chances, but I am happy with the attacking audacity, and I thank all the players, specifically Ashraf Bin Sharqi, for his sacrifice and his agreement to play on the right side even though he is good at playing on the left side.”


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