Maya Diab’s daughter forces her to appear in pajamas in front of the camera! (Video)


Actress Maya Diab, on her own account on “Instagram”, posted a funny video that she and her daughter Kai collected, in which the latter appeared as she was preparing to wake her from sleep in the morning.

She took this on with a loudspeaker, removed her shoes, in order not to make a noise, and crept into the room. After this, she lifted the cover from the artist and started jumping onto the bed.

The followers were surprised by the reaction of the mother, who accepted the matter cheerfully and did not show her anger. However, she called on her daughter to leave her alone, noting that she could not sleep until late. But this did not discourage the young woman from continuing to try to wake up, pointing out that she had finished following her lessons in the virtual way.“.

Maya was still unable to refuse her request and asked her to give her a pajamas, sunglasses and a hat. Kaya responded by saying that her mother would appear today in her pajamas in front of the camera.

The mother and daughter also went to the kitchen, where Kaya attended the coffee, and the clip included many funny and spontaneous scenes and achieved more than 550 thousand views. .


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