Manchester United news: Gary Neville expresses his surprise at Manchester United’s results


Manchester United – English Premier League

Sport 360 – Former England and Barcelona star Gary Lineker wondered what the pessimists’ attitude towards fans is Manchester United After the team reached the top of the Premier League.

United beat Burnley away thanks to Paul Pogba’s goal and topped the premier league table alone, after the season began with a lot of doubts.

Paul Pogba’s goal in the second half led Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s team to a 3-point lead Leferball And that before their confrontation on Sunday at Anfield.

Neville: I didn’t expect that level from Manchester United

After a slow start to the season, United earned 29 of their last 33 league points and topped the table for the first time since 2013.

Lineker said on His account on Twitter: “After the Man United came out English Premier LeagueI wonder what the pessimists will complain about among the Manchester United fans now?

On his part, Gary Neville said that United have proven themselves as a true contender for the title with its level in the last two months: “It is a strange season..if you asked me at the beginning of the season I would say that they have no chance to win the title..but now that the distinguished level continues, I say why not believe United fans with the team’s ability to win ”.

The former United back added: “The team is in excellent condition unlike the other teams, and in the front line we find Cavani, Rashford, Marcial and Greenwood in addition to Bruno Fernandez and Pogba, who has been great recently.”

He concluded: “We might see that City Only he is the only one who lives a good and calm moment, no one talks about them, but they look really good and they may be the real danger. ”

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