Manchester City overtakes Brighton, threatening the lead of its neighbors, “Man United” – Al-Benaa newspaper


Skip Manchester City Hostess Brighton With a view وحيد within Stage 18 From League English Excellent, وجل Target City the only Elephant Foden 44. وبذلك ، upload City Tally to me 32 Point Grabbed Center the third With a difference Objectives From Leicester City Greater With match Postponed against the last one Will enable him the win Out From Reducing The difference to me Point one About neighbor Manchester United Leaderboard والتقدّم With a difference Two points About Leferball pregnant Title وصاحب Center The second Currently. at when Tajmad Balance Brighton At the point 14 at Center Seventh ten. And it was Manchester United Single out In the lead By winning On Air hostess Burnley at match Postponed From Stage First.

Nor Reflect calendar the match Its course Because Manchester City It was Party Best Throughout Its minutes The90 And it was Can the win With a result big After Manufacture Their attackers Many From Opportunities Real And cakewalk للتسجيل Be mastered at Waste it, Especially Belgian Kevin D. Bruin والجزائري Riad محرز والبرتغالي Bernardo Silva, وتكفل guard The goal The Spaniard Robert Garcia By countering للكثير Of which, as such لعبت Crossbar Role Big at Non a plus Yield.

وخاض Manchester City the match at Absence Their scorer Historical International Argentine Sergio Aguero Because His submission For stone Healthy, و .بقى His coach The Spanish Josep Guardiola On Quadruple Merciful Sterling And the Spanish Ferrand Torres And Kyle Walker والفرنسي Benjamin Mandy On Bench Replacements. وتظر Men Guardiola Minute 44 To decode Agglomeration Defensive For the guests And translate Pressure Great Which Practiced it Ago Starting off, When pass D. Bruin a ball to me فودن At edge Region So manipulate With defenders Exit Inside it Before that Pay off a ball Creeping Deceptive With his right hand to me right Watchman Garcia, as such Slanted Chance Golden Sterling, To rest Colleagues When happened D. Bruin On kick penalty Effect Obstruct him From Before Watchman Garcia, But International English Pay it off Above Crossbar (90+1).

Wams I decided Association League English Excellent Postponement match Aston villa With Everton Assessed day Sunday Next. وجاء Appointment Postponement Building On Request club Aston villa Which suffer at Period Previous From spread virus «Corona» at Rows the team, and he What Stop him From Run لقاء cup the Union Before Leferball By class the first.


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