Malicious content creates a crisis between advertisers and Facebook


Saturday, January 30, 2021 6:15 PM

Facebook said it will soon start developing “topic exclusion controls” on its platform to give advertisers greater ability to exclude certain types of content from appearing alongside their ads.

It comes after companies like Coca-Cola Co and Starbucks Corp boycotted Facebook in July for not doing enough to curb hate speech on their site after George Floyd, a black American, died in police custody.

Advertisers have complained for years that major social media companies do little to prevent ads from appearing alongside hate speech, fake news, and other harmful content.

And in September, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter signed a deal with major advertisers to curb harmful online content.

The controls will help advertisers determine how their ads will appear on Facebook’s news feed, Facebook said in a blog, adding that it will begin testing the controls with a small group of advertisers, a process that could take about a year to complete.

Source: The Seventh Day


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