Maktoum bin Hamdan witnesses the challenges of the folds at the Dubai Crown Prince Camel Festival


Dubai: Issam Hajo
On Sunday, Sheikh Maktoum bin Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum witnessed the challenges of the camels of their Highnesses Sheikhs, within the Festival of His Highness the Crown Prince of Dubai Camels, which was held over thirteen stages that witnessed an exciting competition between the different slogans of the major institutions.
Al-Asifah camels dominated the lead through the two main halves of Al-Bakr Al-Mahaliya and Al-Mahajinat. “Al-Shahinia” with the Al-Asifah camel logo succeeded in taking the lead of the first half of the local virgin folds. After I managed to cover the race distance of eight kilometers.
And the hybrid of the presidency with Al-Mudhammar Sultan Muhammad Al-Wahibi, through the third and fourth halves of the local scales and the pastries, where Al-Wahaibi led “Shaheen” to victory in the eight-kilometer journey of the local wrinkles.
The red emblem of the presidential hybrids appeared, through the fourth round of the crumpled folds, through the “Shaheen”, presented by Sultan bin Muhammad Al-Wahaibi on the lead.
The morning period witnessed adult competitions for the camels of their Highnesses Sheikhs, within the Festival of His Highness the Crown Prince of Dubai Camels, and 14 races were held in the age of the folds that were divided between the categories of local camels and pastries, and the winners of the places from the first to the tenth received huge cash prizes, and the race distance was 8 Kilometers.
The camels of the storm pushed the “Shaheeniya” wheel, led by the star of Al-Tameer, Ghayath Al-Hilali, strongly to reap the law in the first half of Al-Thanaya for Al-Bakr Al-Mahajat, while the second half for Al-Bakr Al-Muhajnat was for the “Al-Wathba” with the slogan of the presidential camel, led by Al-Mudhamir Sultan Muhammad Al-Wahaibi. “Shaheen” is at the top, through the third round of the local crumpled folds, before “Shaheen” intervenes and dedicates the slogan of the presidential hybrid and its distinctive connotation, Sultan Muhammad al-Wahibi, the law of the fourth round of the crippled crowd.
The Dubai Crown Prince Festival train arrives at the closing stations, and starting from Monday the year-long and zombie competitions, and the competition will be most intense between tribesmen in the evening during 12 lanes divided between Al-Hawl, Al-Mahaliya, Al-Zumoul, Al-Mahalliah, Al-Mahalliah, and the winners in the first six rounds will get cars. , While the leaders in the rest of the rounds and those in the positions from the second to the tenth in all rounds will receive large cash prizes, and the morning period will witness the establishment of 10 production runs, the winners of the first six of them get cars, while all the other circuits will be cash.


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