Mai Selim’s relationship with her sisters and mother is strained


The artist admittedI’m SteveWith a secret in her personality that makes her sisters away from her, she also confirmed that she failed to learn to cook, and her mother refused her entry to the kitchen.
On the other hand, Mai Selim revealed the character of her sister, actress Mays Hamdan, noting that she has a calm personality at home and adheres to a strict program in eating and sports.
And Mai Selim added on the program “Evening dmc” with the journalist Rami Radwan, saying: “Me and Mays are from Scorpio, but we are very different, she is very calm at home, I am very wanting at home, so they expel me from the ground, also Mays is very organized and very educated. You don’t talk On the empty and on the floor, I’m afraid to say it, what do you do and pick it up, it is by its very nature very guiding.
And Mai continued: I play a sport, I am very, very, very healthy at home, to the point that my sisters throw me out of the mood and tell me that my shower is enough !, Mays sleeps from 9 o’clock, and wakes up at 7 in the morning, and I eat healthy.


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