Mai Selim: I am a failure in the kitchen, and my mother told me I was aware of his interference “Tire”


Superstar Mai Selim said that she loves most foods, but is keen to eat them in quantities, including pasta with bechamel and chives, but the stuffed is not good, as she described it.

She added, while hosting with the media, Ramy Radwan, on the DMC evening program, which is shown on the DMC satellite channel, that she failed in the topic of cooking, especially as it is fun, art, and the length of time my mother tells me, “You don’t enter the kitchen,” indicating that she loves cleanliness and laundry.

مي ورامى

The star Mai Selim said that she also enjoyed working in the recently released series “A Silk Thread” and co-starred with the star Mai Ezz El-Din. She also enjoyed working with director Ibrahim Fakhr, who is keen on every detail of the work, as well as the scriptwriter Muhammad Suleiman Abdul-Malik who combines Between them is Kimia.

Superstar Mai Selim expressed her happiness with the reactions she received on the character “Ward”, which she embodied in the events of the series “Blow Mawalim”, which is shown on the CBC channel and achieved great success.

Mai Selim added, while hosting with the media, Ramy Radwan, in the DMC evening program shown on the DMC satellite channel, that she thanks all those in charge of the work, starting with Muhammad Ragab, all the heroes, director Ismail Farouk, and scriptwriter Ahmed Abdel Fattah, as well as Synergy, which did not hold back. Anything at work, and I made sure that it appeared distinctively.

Mai Selim

She indicated that the character of Ward in the work was intense, especially as she loves to present the role of the girl of the country and enjoys that in artistic works, and she eventually turned into an evil character.

Mai Selim embodied in “Mouallem’s Hit” the character “Ward”, a girl from a popular neighborhood who lives a love story with “Jaber”, but she is forced to marry his friend. The work starring Muhammad Ragab, Riad Al-Khouly, Rania Farid Shawky, Muhammad Najati, Hajer Ahmed, and Muhammad Ezz, Salwa Othman, Yasmine Al-Beshbishi and a number of other artists, written by Ahmed Abdel Fattah and directed by Ismail Farouk.


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