Mai Omar with a remarkable classic look


The Egyptian actressمي عمرWith a new photo on her own page on the social networking site, she appeared in classic clothes in pink, white and black colors, and high heels, adopting a soft haircut falling on her shoulders and soft makeup in earthy colors.
It is noteworthy that he is currently showing the actress Mai Omar the series “Pearl”, in which a large number of artists, including Edward andAhmed ZaherوNaglaa BadrوHeidi Karam, And the series was able to achieve remarkable success, as its events topped social networking sites recently, and the series’ videos were able to achieve high viewing rates on YouTube.
This success also included the songs of Mai Omar that she presented in the series and achieved widespread popularity. The episodes of the series “Pearl” also topped the search engines on Google in Egypt, Kuwait, the Emirates and Morocco.


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