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Users "MacBook Pro" They encounter a problem ...

Several MacBook Pro users have reported serious technical problems with charging MACBOOK PRO devices, according to the GuizChina website. And early on New Year’s Day

Several device users reported ‘MacBook Pro“There are serious technical problems related to charging the MACBOOK PRO, according to GIZCHINA.

Early on New Year’s Day 2021, it was reported that a number of customers were having trouble charging the MacBook Pro; However, at that time the company considered those reports as individual cases, and in the event of numerous complaints from users, the company would have to reach the problem and provide a solution.

According to reports, when customers deliver a “MacBook Pro” for shipment, it displays 1 percent in addition to requiring maintenance, and it seems that this problem is more prevalent in “MacBook Pro” products of 2017.

According to the “Consumer Report”, since many consumer computers have exceeded the warranty period, they can only replace their batteries with new ones at their own expense, but the problem appears again after replacing the batteries.

Some users believe that the cause of this problem is the upgrade to version 11.1 of “macOS Big Sur”. However, some users say that their computers have not been updated to the latest version of “macOS Big Sur”, causing the charging issue.

According to official reports from Apple’s customer service, this problem has some links to update the system, and the company also said that its engineering department is currently working on fixing the problem.

Thus, if you are facing this problem, you may have to wait a while for it to be resolved, and unfortunately, the company has not set a specific time to solve this problem.

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