“Lulu” opens the Indian festival in all its branches – Saudi News


The region’s leading retailer, Lulu, is celebrating the 72nd Indian Republic Day by launching, in the Kingdom, the “Indian Festival” to highlight offers on a wide variety of Indian products, flavors, traditional dishes and traditional clothes until January 27, 2021.

According to its custom every year, “Lulu” held a special event for this event, which was inaugurated by the Indian ambassador to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Dr. Usuf Syed, in the presence of the regional director of Lulu Saudi Arabia Shaheem Mohammed, representatives of Lulu at Lulu Hypermarket Mall, Al Murabaa, and the Indian Consul General in Jeddah Wai Saber, and taking into account the measures related to Corona virus, Lulu reduced the effectiveness in a small way and a specific presence, while making sure that there was social distancing.

Ambassador Syed Shark said: Food security is a fundamental pillar of relations between India and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and despite the height of the Corona pandemic, the supply chain between the two countries was not affected by taking Lulu into account. Saudi Arabia during that period. I am very glad that Lulu Group will open more branches across the Kingdom as part of its plan to be close to the local community.

Lulu imports more than 7,000 products from various departments, such as fresh products such as vegetables, fruits, meat, traditional clothes such as sari, churidar, and others. Lulu also sheds light on a large assortment of freshly prepared products from hot foods in its branches during the show period from biryani to curry, street food, And popular desserts and more dishes.

Speaking on the occasion, Shaheem Muhammad said: We are always proud of being the first to be given the opportunity to show the beauty and diversity of Indian culture through a festival like this. The value of imported products amounts to 200 million riyals annually through our offices in India. This is our duty towards our glorious traditions, the food and the offerings from India, which is very popular with Saudi Arabia and more than 200 other nationalities. This is also our initiative to attract the attention of all peoples for something in common, such as food, fashion, movies and tourism.

Lulu, which has its own packaging factories and supply offices in India, has done a lot of work to bring in more products, such as organic products, low-fat and gluten-free products, and more diet products when the choice is to maintain a healthy diet for shoppers.

LuLu Hypermarket, where the world comes to shop, is on the list of top retailers in the Middle East and one of the most successful businesses around the world. Serving more than 1,600,000 shoppers daily, it is the fastest growing retail chain in 10 countries including the Persian Gulf, India, Egypt, Indonesia, and Malaysia. Founded in the early 1990s and successfully expanded in various parts of the world, it currently operates more than 198 stores with an employee base of 55,000.


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