Liverpool crisis worsens three Red Devils


Liverpool’s “blow” continued Sunday evening, with its exit from the FA Cup at the hands of its rivals Manchester United.

Liverpool suffered a new 2-3 defeat at the hands of Manchester United in the 32nd round of the National Cup, to continue the knot of Liverpool and its German coach Jurgen Klopp in the tournament, which he left early in recent years.

The brilliance of Egyptian star Mohamed Salah, who scored two goals, did not spare his team, which struggled in defense, and conceded 3 goals from the Englishmen Mason Greenwood and Marcus Rashford, before the Portuguese Bruno Fernandez decided the match with a goal from a free kick ten minutes before the end.

Liverpool’s defeat came days after its first defeat at Anfield in three and a half years at the hands of Burnley, in the Premier League.

Liverpool’s new defeat put the team in a real “state of crisis”, especially as it achieved one victory in the last 6 matches, a victory that came over Aston Villa’s “reserve” in the Cup.


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