Live broadcast | Watch the Tottenham and Wickemb Wanderers match today in the FA Cup


Adams Park Stadium will host an important match between Tottenham and Wikomb Wanderers, Monday evening, January 25, for the fourth round of the 2020/2021 FA Cup.

Soccer 365 will provide its followers with a service to watch the live broadcast of the Tottenham match against Wikomb Wanderers today, with the start of the scheduled start whistle at 9:45 pm Cairo time, i.e. the quarter-eleventh Mecca time, and the match will be broadcast live via BN Sport HD1 With an audio performance by commentator Nawfal Bashi.

Tottenham is going through an unstable situation and fluctuating performance for weeks, especially in the Premier League, but in the Cup, things are completely different, especially since it is a one-match championship, meaning knockout outside the tournament and its return to this season, so it fights with full strength and high concentration to appear with a strong performance.

The roosters, who have crossed into this role with all merit and merit, hope to continue the tone of victories and grab the pass to the next round, not to let the opponent down, and to provide a strong performance in order to continue his career in the competition, hoping to reach the advanced roles.

While the team, which is active in the English Premier League, is aware of the opponent’s difficulty, as it has finished its preparations for this meeting with all strength and focus, it aspires that the element of surprise will occur in order to pass to the next round with all merit and worth and continue on the right path.

It is worth noting that Wikombe managed to reach this role after he crossed Preston North End by beating him by four for a single goal in the third round to clash with the Spurs, and he hopes to get out of the meeting with his head raised.


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