Live broadcast | Watch the Manchester City and West Bromwich match today in the English Premier League


The Manchester City team is preparing to face its West Bromwich Albion counterpart, Tuesday, January 26th, at the Hawthorne Stadium, for the 20th round of the Premier League football competition.

Soccer 365 offers its followers watching the live broadcast of the Manchester City match against West Brom today, with the start of the scheduled start whistle at 10:15 pm Cairo time, i.e. the eleventh and fifteen minutes Mecca time, and the match will be broadcast live on the BN channel Sport HD1 with an audio performance by commentator Issam Shawali.

Manchester City returned to the forefront of creativity again, where he managed to jump to the runner-up position after an arduous path he fought since the beginning of the season and finally succeeded in reaching this position to compete for the title with full strength, as he has 38 points, two points behind leaders Manchester United.

City will enter the meeting with full strength and focus, as it knows the bad situation the opponent is going through, and will try to exploit it to achieve victory and snatch the three points from his fangs to jump to the lead, even temporarily, in the hope that the leader falls in the same round.

On the other hand, West Brom is in a bad psychological state after the negative results it has received since the beginning of the season, as it ranks nineteenth and penultimate with 11 points.

He hopes the newly promoted West Bromwich, who is overwhelmed with feelings of bitterness, is suffering woes and his future has become unknown and is approaching the decline, especially since he is still falling into the mud of defeats and the danger has wrapped around his neck, but today he will try to remedy the situation and present a strong match that deserves to correct the situation .


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