Live broadcast | Watch the Denmark and Croatia match in the Handball World Cup Egypt 2021


Mercato Day offers you a YouTube video, a live broadcast of the match “Denmark and Croatia” in one of today’s matches, Monday 25-1-2021, in the third round of the main round of the Handball World Cup.

The “Denmark and Croatia” match will be broadcast live on Ontime Sports, and the live broadcast will start at 19:30 GMT, 21:30 Egypt time, 22:30 KSA.

Today’s confrontation is very important for the Croatian national team, which needs to achieve a victory over “Denmark” with Argentina’s loss from Qatar in order to qualify for the semi-final round.

On the other hand, the Denmark team has guaranteed its qualification for the final price round, and it will face Egypt next Wednesday, and will contest today’s match as a foregone conclusion, but it will definitely not give up on winning.

In its first match in the main round, the Danish national team defeated Qatar (32-23), and in the second round, it defeated Japan (34-27).

On the other hand, Croatia defeated Bahrain in the first round by (26-20), and lost in the second against “Argentina” (23-19).

Click here to watch the live broadcast of the match between Denmark and Croatia today

Denmark (17) – (15) Croatia

Cairo Sports Stadium hall

🏆 Handball World Cup Egypt 2021 (Main Round – Round 3)

Underway now

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