Live broadcast: Watch Real Madrid’s match against Alcoyano in the King’s Cup


Follow the live broadcast, moment by moment, to face Real Madrid and Alcoyano in the framework of the 32nd round of the King’s Cup competition

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64 ‘Vázquez wasted the opportunity for the second goal, a wonderful through ball that reached the right wing inside the penalty area, instead of shooting directly, he tried to dribble, but Alcoyano’s defense brilliantly interrupted the ball.

60 ‘Benzema is warming up to prepare for entry

54 ‘A dangerous shot from Isco, but Alkoyano’s goalkeeper shines bright and takes it out for a corner kick

49 ‘Cross from the right flank, reaching Isco, who tried to play it to Mariano, but the defense cuts her

46 ‘Foul by Mariano after a violent intervention on the defender of Alcoyano

beginning of the second half

45 ‘The end of the first half was won by Real Madrid with a clean goal for nothing

43 ‘Go!

42 ‘A dangerous opportunity for Real Madrid to score the first goal, a wonderful exchange of passes between Vincius and Valverde, reaching the Brazilian who kicks it, but it clashes with the defense and comes out for a corner kick

37 ‘The promising defender Schust has performed a great performance in Real Madrid’s defense so far, do we see Zidane relying on him in the league?

33 ‘The flag referee cancels a goal by Alcoiano for offside

24 ‘Real Madrid is still looking for a real threat to Alquiano’s goal, which the Royal has only paid once through Valverde.

19 ‘A dangerous opportunity for Vincius, who penetrated deeper and could be alone in the goal, but the defender Alcoyano brilliantly cuts the ball.

15 ‘Wonderful mutual passes between Vincius and Marcelo reach Junior, who tries to dodge the defender of Alcoyano, but manages to get the ball out into a corner kick

12 ‘A great shot from Valverde, but Alcoyano’s goalkeeper shines bright and takes it to a corner kick

10 ‘A dangerous cross from Odoriozla reaches Vincius Junior, who extends it to Marcelo to pay, but Marcelo in a strange style passes it to Vincius again, but it goes on the Brazilian winger.

8 ‘A long ball from Real Madrid, but it reaches Mariano Diaz and is easily caught by Alcoyano’s goalkeeper

4 ‘Control and possession by Real Madrid, who is looking for his first goal in the meeting


Alcoyano formation:

Coach Vicente Cambio begins the match with a formation consisting of:

Formation | 4-3-3

Young Jussie

Andrew Robertson – Primi Ferris – Raul Gonzalez – Pablo Carbonnel

Guanan – Johnny – Alberto Rubio

Gospel Lobies – Murad – Michia

Real Madrid formation:

Coach Zinedine Zidane begins with a formation consisting of:

Formation | 4-3-3

André Lunin

Marcelo – Victor Schust – Eder Militau – Alvaro Urduzola

Isco – Casemiro – Valverde

Vincius Junior – Mariano – Lucas Vasquez

On the other hand, Alcoyano seeks to go into history and achieve a surprise that will not be resounding in this year only, but for many years, and the team that plays in Sigonda B has qualified for this role after defeating Huesca, who plays in the Spanish first division, so the team aspires to continue the results Good at tournament.

Real Madrid enters the match and is set to win in order to compete for the championship title, especially since it lost its first title this season after it was defeated by Athletic Bilbao in the semi-finals of the Spanish Super Cup.

Dear followers, welcome to the live broadcast of the match that will be held between Real Madrid and Aquiano in the framework of the 32nd round of the King’s Cup competition.


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