Lebleba: I would have married twice had it not been for their question about hugging me with Adel Imam news


The actress spoke to Lebleba about the reasons behind her not getting married again after her divorce from artist Hassan Youssef.

She said to Belba: “It would have been possible for him to have another passport and then, and I loved the one who asked me to marry me, but I did not like art, and they said (How do you imagine and let Adel Imam hug her) I said they must taste art, and my sisters are not artists, but they taste art,” according to her meeting on the program “The Creation Door” presented by the journalist Mahmoud Saad on the “An-Nahar” screen.

And she continued: After the separation occurred, I gave all my soul to art, and for years I ran after some, I decided that marriage is like a country, Qatar is going, and Qatar is coming, and everyone is on his rail. I wished for someone who proposed to marry me and refused him happiness, and I said to him, I want to go to work as a family because I love art, art. He steals your life, but you feel upset and you remain happy. I am happy and I never regret it. ”

On the authority of Adel Imam, she said to Belba: “One of the artists who influenced me the most, a personality that you must love and take your heart, and when I work with him by taking my soul, and he took his mind from every need, and after that I understood him, that when I speak, and when I work with him my eyes on his eye and his rest.”

She added: People loved us with each other, and I love him, and I have a sense of my success, and I succeeded with him.

It is noteworthy that Lebleba’s last work with Adel Imam was the series “Ma’moun and Partners,” and co-starring Mustafa Fahmy, Sherine, Kamal Abu Rayyah, Khaled Selim, Khaled Sarhan, Tamer Hagras, Reem Mustafa, Ahmed Fouad Selim, Hana Zahid and others, written by Youssef Maati and directed by Rami Imam.

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