Lebanon enters a third general lockdown in light of the worsening Corona outbreak


Lebanon enters a third general lockdown in light of the worsening Corona outbreak


Lebanon entered at dawn today, Thursday, a third general closure in light of the worsening outbreak of the Corona virus in the country during the past week, as the total number of infections approached 232,000, while the number of deaths reached 1740.

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Lebanon records 35 deaths, 4,988 new cases of Corona

It is expected that the state of health emergency will continue in Lebanon until the twenty-fifth of the same month, and include preventing exit and entry to public roads, and the closure of all departments, public institutions, independent interests, universities, schools, nurseries, docks and sports stadiums.

The Lebanese newspaper Al-Gomhoria said that this third closure, which lasts 11 days, does not carry new measures to limit the speed of the spread of the epidemic in the country. To wander around and the exit of citizens and their entry to and from homes. ”

Corona injuries in Lebanon were recorded in the latest statistics published by the Ministry of Health yesterday, Wednesday, a catastrophic record in the small country, which reached 4,988 injuries and 35 deaths within 24 hours, and the ministry stated that the injuries are due to local transmission and there are no imported injuries from abroad. This is amid fears of the collapse of the health system, which has reached its maximum capacity in light of the scarcity of medical supplies.

Regarding the vaccine, it is expected that the Lebanese parliament will approve tomorrow, Friday, the proposal of a “redundant accelerated” law on “the use of medical products in cases of corona”, which will allow Lebanon to purchase other vaccines in addition to the “Pfizer” vaccine expected to arrive in Lebanon in mid-February. .

Source: RT + Republic


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