Lebanon enters a complete closure until February 1, due to the inability of hospitals to provide beds for Corona patients


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – The Lebanese authorities announced, on Monday, that the country has entered a complete closure from next Thursday to the first of February, in an attempt to contain the outbreak of the Corona virus, coinciding with the inability of hospitals to accept new cases.

The official Lebanese News Agency said that the ministerial committee on the epidemic took the decision to close during a meeting today, while a curfew will be applied from 6 pm until 5 am.

The agency quoted the Lebanese Minister of Health in the caretaker government, Hamad Hassan, as saying, “The closure decision was taken unanimously by the ministerial committee, and Prime Minister Hassan Diab collected all opinions and unilaterally decided the general closure from Thursday morning until the morning of February 1, 2021.”

The minister pointed out that “it has become clear that the epidemiological challenge has reached a place that poses a threat to the lives of the Lebanese, in light of the inability of hospitals to provide beds.”

Hamad Hassan said, “The scientific committee recommended a two-week closure, which can be renewed, but after the discussion that took place, the situation was unified. There are private hospitals that accompany us, and therefore we used to give days to citizens so that overcrowding in front of cooperatives does not happen, and so that the scene of overcrowding on drugs for intractable diseases does not recur, so as not to It is considered a loophole in public discipline. ”

As of Sunday, the total number of Corona cases registered in Lebanon reached 189,278, while the death toll reached 1,486.

Lebanon has recently witnessed high rates of daily injuries and deaths.


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