Lebanese Al-Jadid channel: The army cordoned off the station building to arrest a journalist




The Lebanese TV station Al-Jadid reported that the army had surrounded the station building to arrest the journalist, Radwan Mortada.

The channel reported that a patrol of the Lebanese army and military police cordoned off the station building this afternoon to arrest Murtaza on charges of “insulting the Lebanese army, misleading the judicial investigation into the port crime and fabricating crimes against the Lebanese military establishment.”

“The trial of journalists will take place before the Publications Court, and we are not in a police state,” Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al-Jadid TV, Carmi Khayyat, commented on what is happening.

And she continued: “The journalist Radwan Mortada is inside the institution and we are not afraid because we did not commit any crime, and what happened in front of the building is a crime.”

Khayyat pointed out that “the army patrol searches individuals and cars upon entering or leaving the institution.”

In turn, the journalist, Mortada, tweeted: “The intelligence agents claimed that they had a judicial notice from the Prosecutor General of Discrimination.

Source: “New”, Lebanese websites


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