Learn the secret of sadness in the voice of the late Abdel Halim Hafez


Follow-up _ Nour Njeim:

He recovered one of the activists on his social media accounts. A rare clip by the late Egyptian artist Abdel Halim Hafez, recorded with his voice.

The late artist revealed the reason behind the sadness that dominates many of his works. He said that he had received this question many times, and that the reason may be related to his upbringing, where he lived as an orphan and a mother. He added that this greatly affected his character.

He also added that those who live in a state of deprivation of the tenderness of the mother and the kindness of the father often remain sad. Especially if he thinks that other children have mothers and fathers.

While explaining other reasons for the sadness of his songs, he commented: “The second need can be created by the nature of my voice. The third need. Personally, I think that love is always sad and I always sing love songs.


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