Learn about the latest updates on iPhones and iPads


Apple announced the launch of two new updates for iOS and iPadOS, which bring important security features and features with them.

The company indicated on its official website that the versions iOS 14.4 and iPadOS 14.4 have become available for all phones and tablets capable of receiving updates.

According to the experts at Apple, the two new versions of operating systems carry many new features to users, and the most important thing is that they address 3 serious software flaws that could be exploited to penetrate smart devices.

The new versions of operating systems provide greater capabilities for phones and tablet cameras, as the cameras of these devices are able to easily recognize small QR codes.

These copies also dealt with problems with images in HDR formats for iPhone cameras, and some problems with keyboards in those devices, especially language problems while writing text messages, in addition to the problems that some users had when answering calls when the screen was locked.

In the settings menu in the two versions of the new operating systems, the user can now select the speakers associated with his device via Bluetooth, so that the headphones display sound notifications.


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