Learn about the first hospital to receive the Corona vaccine in Egypt – Covid-19


Today, Saturday, the Egyptian Ministry of Health and Population announced the start of distributing the new Corona virus vaccine to medical teams in isolation hospitals, starting from Sunday.

The Egyptian Ministry of Health and Population stated that the first hospital to receive the vaccine will be the “Abu Khalifa” isolation hospital in Ismailia Governorate.

On January 11, the Egyptian Minister of Health, Hala Zayed, announced some features of the plan to distribute vaccines against the emerging corona virus throughout Egypt.

Zayed talked about 3 vaccines, which are “AstraZeneca”, “Sinopharma” and “Pfizer Biontech”, indicating at the time that they will be distributed at the end of January.

On January 14, the advisor to the Egyptian President for Health Affairs, Dr. Mohamed Taj El-Din, stressed in televised statements that Egypt was not late in starting the Corona vaccine vaccination campaign, as many countries in the world did not start their campaigns.

He explained that the reason behind this is the limited quantities of vaccines available globally, stressing that when “a sufficient number of these vaccines arrive in the country, vaccination campaigns will start.”



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