Leaks: Google updates an encrypted text message service for Android


The “GSM Arena” technical website mentioned that press leaks revealed that the American giant “Google” will provide a new service for “encrypted” text messages; And for the first time on phones running the “Android” operating system.
According to the site, the “Google Messages” application will not work with “encrypted text messages” in it on any “unapproved” or trusted devices. The new encrypted SMS service from Google will be among the “next generation” technologies of new text messages provided by the new version of the “Android” operating system.
According to the site, the reason for this new feature may be that the company plans to stop the work of all untrusted devices that contain suspicious applications. A number of “Huawei” phones that are not supported by “GSM”, and all phones that contain sources of unsecured networks may fall victim to this update.
It is hoped that “Google” will start its new update at the end of next month.


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