Leaking of information about the new Ramez Jalal program in Ramadan 2021


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Ramez finished filming 10 episodes of the program in Dubai, such as last year’s version, “Ramez Majnoun Official,” according to media sources.

The sources stated that among the victims of Ramez Jalal in his new program of pranks, players of the Egyptian football club Zamalek, Tarek Hamed, Ferjani Sassi and Ashraf bin Sharqi.

She added that the news contradicted between Ramez Jalal’s failure to use any artistic or media figure in his new program, to be the bait with which his victims lured the stars of art, sports and media, and his use of the Saudi broadcaster, Jane Omran to perform the task.

The Lebanese newspaper “Al-Nahar” pointed out that Ramez Jalal is currently facing some difficulties in his new program of pranks, which are represented in the refusal of some artists to travel and move for fear of infection with the emerging “Corona” virus.

The Cairo Economic Court had ruled at the beginning of the new year 2021 innocence of the Egyptian artist Ramez Jalal, in a lawsuit filed by writer Hiyam Kamal against him and the owner of the MBC channel, accusing them of violating intellectual property rights.

The lawsuit clarified that the defendant violated the moral and financial right of the writer of the idea of ​​the program “Ramez Underground” and “Ramez Under Zero”, indicating that during the lawsuit, the preparation team contacted her and obtained from her the idea registered and subject to the law on property protection Intellectual and did not get its moral and material right.


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