Leaked images reveal the iPad mini 6 design with a screen hole


Leaked 3D images revealed the design of the iPad mini 6 tablet, which appears with two holes for the front camera and FP reader, as the leaked images confirmed that Apple is on its way to making drastic changes in the design of the iPad mini 6 tablet.

According to the Indian GSM website, the leaks indicate that the iPad mini 6 may be the first version from Apple to design a screen hole for the front camera, with the expectation that it will provide the same design for iPhone phones at a later time, but this version does not include the technology and facial recognition tools with the FaceID camera Therefore, the phone is expected to support the fingerprint sensor technology.

The device also comes with an FP reader in the screen hole of the front camera, but some expectations indicate that the fingerprint sensor comes built into the power button in the side frame as in the iPad Air.

While a report published by Bloomberg newspaper indicated during the last period that Apple plans to support its upcoming iPhone 13 with a fingerprint sensor at the bottom of the screen, so it will require Apple to switch to OLED screens in the iPad mini 6 to support the device with the built-in fingerprint sensor in the screen.

IPad design
IPad design

IPad Design (2)
IPad Design (2)

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