Larry King, on Gaddafi: “the worst guest” (video)


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Conducted the late «Larry King“The famous American CNN broadcaster, many interviews with country leaders, celebrities, athletes and movie stars, and among the most prominent of these conversations is Larry King’s dialogue with the late Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi in September 2009.

In that dialogue, he asked Larry KingGaddafi: “I came to power in Libya in 1969. A long time ago. Do you have ideas about who might succeed you? ”

Then Gaddafi replied: “I left power since 1977, and when the Jamahiriya was established, the power of the people was established, and therefore I have since been out of power. Once this was established (inaudible) – the state of the masses was established, and the power of the people was established. Since that date I am no longer in power ».

“So you are not the leader of your country?” Asked Larry King. “I am the leader of the revolution, not the leader of the country now.”

Then the late American broadcaster said: “Is there still a revolution in the country until now?” The Libyan leader replied: “Yes.”

During the interview, Gaddafi said that among the mistakes that occurred, “We were enthusiastic about making the atomic bomb at some point in the revolution, and then we saw how the world changed and we saw that this was not useful.”

Later, Larry King said in an interview with CNN, that Gaddafi “as a dictator is among the worst, but as a guest he is the worst” among all those who hosted them, explaining that “it is not easy to talk to him.”

And Larry King predicted the departure of Gaddafi after more than 40 years in power. While I believe that the Libyan leader will not flee the country, after the outbreak of the revolution against him in February 2011.

“I don’t think he’s going to run,” Larry King said at the time. “He sees himself going to Heaven with something.”

The legendary interlocutor was asked – as described by CNN – about his rules at work, he said that during his interviews he does not use the word “I”, does not give his opinion, asks short questions, and is keen to be informed and knowledgeable about the things and personalities with which he is interviewing, and to be enjoyable.

Larry King has been on Larry King Live for over 25 years, and retired in 2010.

Many public figures were introduced andCelebrities Condolences on the death of the American broadcaster Larry King.

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