Laila Alawi: Our Lord will save us all and overstep the difficult days


The great star, Laila Alawi, said that she always feels that she is “open” to pray on Friday and that the doors of heaven are open to respond to the supplication, praying to God to save us, saying through her Twitter account: “Always in the sense that my soul is very open to pray on Friday, and by feeling the doors The sky is open and the answer is close. Today, I invite all of you, myself, my family, my country and the whole world with peace, health and goodness. “


Laila added: “By wishing all of you safety from all evil, and our Lord saves us all and passes the difficult days for good, and we come out of the crisis completely and uncompromisingly and in good health and conceal from Him Almighty, every Friday and you are fine and every day and you are in peace, love and security.”


On the other hand, actress Laila Alawi returns to the cinema after an absence of 4 years with the movie “Pregnant Mama”, which she is currently working on filming for release in cinemas, during one of the seasons this year, and its events take place in the framework of a light comedy around a family of a rich class who are exposed to many Comedic situations.

The movie “Mama is Pregnant” written by Louai Al-Sayed and directed by Mahmoud Karim, in which Laila Alawi appears in the role of a woman who is married to Bayoumi Fouad and has two sons, Hamdi Al-Mirghani and Muhammad Salam, and co-starring Muhammad Tharwat, Nancy Salah, Hoda Al-Mufti, Sami Maghawry and a number of other artists..

It is noteworthy that Laila Alawi, some time ago, finished filming the movie “The Secret History of Kawthar” written and directed by Muhammad Amin, and co-stars Zeina and Mohsen Mohi El-Din, Ahmed Hatem, Enas Kamel, Firas Saeed, Abdul Rahim Hassan, and the company that produced it did not specify the date of its showing until right Now.


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