Lagarde: The pandemic continues to pose serious risks to the eurozone economy


Mubasher: European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde said that the Corona pandemic continues to pose serious risks to the eurozone economy, with tightening closures across the region.

The European Central Bank decided to fix the interest rate unchanged, but pledged to continue supporting the economy affected by the epidemic.

Lagarde added at a press conference via the monetary policy statement, today, Thursday, that the start of vaccination campaigns across the eurozone is an important milestone in resolving the ongoing health crisis, however, the epidemic continues to pose serious risks to public health..

“In this environment, broad monetary stimulus remains necessary, recognizing that uncertainty remains high about how the eurozone economy will perform in the coming months,” said Lagarde.

“Monetary policy measures, along with measures adopted by national governments and other European institutions, remain necessary to support conditions for bank lending and access to financing, especially for those most affected by the pandemic,” the ECB president added.


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