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The Saudi film “Lady of the Sea”, directed by Shahd Amin, won the award of the Gulf Long Falcon Competition and the Farid Ramadan Award for Best Screenplay, at the Al Ain Film Festival in its third session, which concluded today evening “Wednesday”, at Al Jahili Fort in Al Ain. Meanwhile, the Saudi film “The Ideal Candidate”, directed by Haifa Al-Mansour, won the jury prize in the same competition. The Emirati film “Athl”, directed by Sheikha Eliazia Bint Nahyan, won the award for best film in the Emirati Short Falcon Competition. The film “The Nabata” by director Hamda Al Medfa won the award of the jury, while the committee awarded two certificates of appreciation to “Then What Next” by Hamad Saghran And the movie “What If” directed by Mursal Al Shamsi.
And in the Gulf Short Falcon Competition; The best film award went to “BBK” directed by Youssef Al-Abdallah, and “Al-Hakim” by director Jaafar Muhammad Hassan won the jury prize. As for the Falcon Student Competition, the award for the best film went to “Al Boom” by Ali Larry, and the jury prize went to “Reehah My Father” by Fawzia Mohamed. The film “elementary brilliance” by Liu Yongmin Wong won the award for best film in the Falcon Contest for residents, and the jury prize went to “10” by Mohamed Samir.
As for the “Make Your Film in the Time of Corona” competition, which was created in conjunction with what the “Covid 19” pandemic imposed on the world in terms of home quarantine and precautionary measures, director Medhat Abdullah won the award for best film for his film “Abed”, and the jury prize went to a film. “Home Stone” by Ahmed Khattab, and the film “Hinged” by Ivor Grasses received a certificate of appreciation.
The founder and director of the Al Ain Film Festival, Amer Salmeen Al-Marri, indicated that the festival presented to its audience over a period of 5 days 85 films varying between different cultures and countries, and the events, initiatives, agreements and film screenings selected in the third session of the festival were talking about the great effort that the team made for Attracting new films that shorten the rhythm of time perfectly. He pointed out in his speech during the closing ceremony of the festival, which was held at the historic Al-Jahili Castle, that the festival, in its third session, had achieved many achievements in the world of “the seventh art”, so the “Cinema of the World” program was a strong addition to the festival, which attracted a group of the most European films with rhythm and quality High-quality art, as the festival witnessed, despite the difficult conditions imposed by the Corona pandemic, the presence of ambassadors from European countries at the opening ceremony, and film screenings in cinemas. He explained that the “cinema eye” chose to face the storm of the “Corona” pandemic, in the manner of “Take your caution and enjoy the cinema”, while adhering to precautionary and preventive measures and social distancing, and here we have opened our hearts and the doors and windows of grandparents to “Dar Al Zein”, which has a long history.
He said, “We always pledge to you that we will choose the most beautiful products produced by cinema everywhere in” Al Ain Cinema “so that our festival, which was launched from local borders to global horizons, expresses the United Arab Emirates, which will remain the kiss of art and artists. The third session witnessed intense acceptance and attendance. Exceptionally for cinematic shows, the most prominent of which is the Algerian opening film “Heliopolis” in its world premiere, and 5 other films that were nominated from their countries for Oscar 2021, in a precedent that is the first of its kind in film festivals, in addition to the presentation of a number of films in their first Gulf show. That pushes us to make more effort in the upcoming choices, especially since the fans and fans of “Al Ain Cinema” have become interested in the quality and quality of films. ” He expressed his thanks to everyone who carried the camera, everyone who had an echo in his voice, and everyone who made the melody with words that formed in the end movements.

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