Kuwait reveals the volume of production from the area divided by the “Wafra” field shared with Saudi Arabia


The Kuwait Gulf Oil Company announced the start of the gradual production of heavy oil from Al-Wafra’s joint operations with Saudi Arabia last week.

The company warned that this step comes after the success of light oil production last July, and the access to a current production capacity of more than 100 thousand barrels per day of light oil.

She explained, in a statement, that heavy oil differs from light oil in terms of density, viscosity, extraction techniques, and other matters that increase the difficulties and challenges during the operation process, which is something that has been prepared and worked to face according to the established plans.

She pointed out that according to the operational plans for the production of heavy oil ( Eocene crude), gradual production has started and work has been made to stabilize the assembly centers and production facilities before the start of the shipping and export process, pointing out that the operations of heavy oil production on December 21 last, came despite the presence of challenges. There are many, most notably the Coronavirus pandemic, and the resulting obstacles that affected the number of workers on the site.

She added that the production of eosin crude differs from the production of light oil in terms of increasing the number of wells and sub-assembly centers, in addition to the technical and technical aspects, which require greater numbers of human resources to operate them, which made heavy oil production come later for light oil production.

She pointed out that according to the set plans, two heavy oil sub-assembly centers were operated on December 21, and the last centers will be operated to reach 9 collection centers, gradually raising production quantities, noting that the first shipment for the export of heavy oil production will be during the month of January. Ongoing.


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