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Activists and rights activists in KuwaitA campaign via “Twitter” to demand that the harassers be exposed and defamed and punished, to reduce the phenomenon of harassment in the Gulf country, following an incident of harassment revealed by an activist on “Twitter” that resulted in a terrible traffic accident, which caused the victim to enter the hospital and undergo surgery.

The traffic accident occurred after the girl refused to respond to one of the young men while he was chasing her on a street. After the accident, she was taken to the hospital and subjected to surgical work, while the harasser fled.

He revealed this incident on Twitter, called Ali Al-Abdali, who said, “The girl is his cousin, and she is currently lying in the hospital following the accident that she was subjected to due to being harassed by someone while she was driving her vehicle on a street.” At the same time, documenting a picture of the car that appeared destroyed from Heavily forward.

“A report was submitted about the incident accompanied by the specifications of the harasser’s car, who confirmed that it was devoid of license plates,” he stated.

Another activist, named Jasim Al-Jasem, who is a writer and author, touched on the issue, and it became clear from his conversation that he is also close to the girl, as he confirmed, “She left shortly before from the operating room, indicating that the accident may affect her movement in the future according to the doctors’ hadith.”

There has been no comment from official bodies or local newspapers about this incident so far, while “Erm News” cannot verify the authenticity of everything circulated and posed by activists on social media.

Despite the absence of official comment on the incident, it provoked widespread interaction by activists, who spoke of crimes HarassmentSome of them narrated other incidents of harassment, some of them to their female relatives and others that took place before their eyes, indicating that “incidents of harassment have become apparent and not individual incidents.”

Activists released the hashtag # exposing the harasser in Kuwait_ a request, to express their dissatisfaction with the increasing cases of harassment and to demand the setting of deterrent penalties to curb this phenomenon, which they said, “Those involved in reckless youth caused disabilities, deaths and material losses.”

The lawyer, Dalal Al-Muslim, who moved in Britain Months ago, she had previously suffered a traffic accident due to harassment from a young man in the street after she refused to respond to him, documenting her conversation with a photo of herself and the car after the accident.

The Muslim lawyer called on girls in Kuwait who had been harassed to photograph the harassers and send her pictures to defame them through her Twitter account.

Kuwaitis express their anger and resentment at the cases of harassment that take place in different places, especially markets and complexes, and in the presence of parents and husbands sometimes, which result in violent quarrels that lead to attempted murder, which happened with the father of a girl weeks ago, who tried to defend his daughter after being harassed by two young men in the Mushrif Walkway in the Governorate around me.


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