Kobe Bryant’s wife’s message on the first anniversary of his death (photos)


Kobe’s wife Vanessa shared with her followers a touching message from “Aubrey”, a close friend of her deceased daughter Gianna, in which she thanked her for her touching words, on the occasion of the first anniversary of his death and his daughter in a helicopter accident with 7 others on January 26, 2020.

Vanessa commented on the post, saying, “Thank you so much for sharing some of your memories of Gigi with me beautifully and for letting me share them here on Instagram.”

She added, “I really appreciate your thoughtful message, she loves you so much. I miss my baby and my Cuban so much too, I will never understand why and how this tragedy could happen to such beautiful, cute and amazing people. It is still not true.”

Many celebrities and friends of Kobe Bryant also shared sincere messages on social media, remembering the world star.

And she wrote, “One day, at this moment you are laughing, and the next day you do not feel that you are alive.” “I want to say this to people who are experiencing grief and heartbreaking loss. Find a reason to live. I know it’s hard.”

Vanessa added: “Death is guaranteed but living the rest of the day is not like that.” “Look for the reason.”

Vanessa also shared a video of her daughter Gianna showing her playing basketball.


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