Know the story of the father who wrote the “Season Snapshot” in Egypt – the Arabs and the world – the humanitarian statement


Crossing a distance of up to 100 kilometers, Ashraf Merhi is not tired of supporting his son Abdullah, the goalkeeper of Helwan Cement Club, recording videos of his son with his mobile camera throughout the events of the match, driven by the completion of the dream that he had developed since he was a child, of becoming a goalkeeper.

He did not imagine that a picture taken of him without knowing it would make all that wide presence and celebration through social networking sites, in recent days, until the official page of the team on Facebook called it “Season Snapshot” and spread abundantly through social media .. So what is the story ?

The heavily circulated image on social media shows a father in his famous Egyptian robes, while his son portrays the goalkeeper during a match in the Third Division League, who were born in 2000. The father’s simplicity and spontaneity most drew attention to it, which made it widely circulated on communication sites in Egypt in recent days, With comments greeting the role of the father and his positions in support of his son.

“The picture was very spontaneous, and I was surprised by the reactions. For more than four years, I have been continuing this habit. I have been photographing Abdullah during matches, starting from his playing here in Menoufia, and until now when he came to Cairo to play in Helwan Cement Club, I cut off the road for a while Two hours back and forth to watch and photograph him .. I look forward to being a great goalkeeper, as he has the talent and the elements of championship from his childhood.

Ashraf Marei, the hero of the image of “Helwan goalkeeper”, said in statements to “Al Bayan” that his son’s talent began to discover it since he was in the elementary stage, and he was keen to develop and support it, especially after he touched his son’s ambition in the field of goalkeeping. Just as he supported his second son when he touched the talent for literature, so he published a book for him that included his poems and thoughts at his own expense after his success in high school, to develop his talent and support him.

Driven by his grandfather’s command to raise children, to support their talents and not stand in front of their ambitions, Ashraf after discovering his son’s talent was keen to support him, so he took him to goalkeeping tests in clubs in the capital while he was in middle school, and then provided him with all training tools and clothes to continue training in Menoufia ( Their place of residence), until he joined the “Sadat Stars” team and his talent was supported by goalkeeper Sayed Yahya, who transferred him from hobby to professionalism.

Ashraf says: “After the team (Sadat Stars) reached the Sector League, the coach left for another team and took Abdullah with him, where he played in the Al-Salam team for a year and a half, before moving to Helwan Cement Club two years ago.”

Among the striking stations that reflect the father’s respect for his son’s desire to devote himself to football in a big way is when he indicated when he spoke with “Al Bayan” that Abdullah had obtained a high grade in the preparatory stage that qualifies him to join the high school, which requires study time to obtain a high success rate through which he can He enrolled in one of the summit colleges, but the son preferred to enroll in one of the professional diplomas that allow him more free time to enable him to practice football, which is what the father responded to him out of respect for the ambition and desire of his son, unlike many parents who are keen to enroll their children in high school as evidence Distinguish.

The father continues his speech, saying: “Upon joining one of the technical institutes in Helwan, and by chance, and when the institute learned that it was a goalkeeper, his joining the Helwan Cement team was facilitated, after the coaches were impressed with his performance, and he mainly participated with them .. I cut the road from Menoufia to Cairo in ». His matches to follow and photograph him .. He even finally participates in the older team (born in 1999) at the request of the coach.

Activists’ comments on social media on the photo taken by a photographer called Sayed Hassan varied, between praising the father eager to support and celebrating his son, and the demand to shed light on the struggle of young players from the beginning to professionalism, especially since the second and third degree tournaments in All ages are full of talents and experiences that need to be highlighted.



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