Klopp admits: It’s a massive punch in the face


Loss that increased positionReds“The difficulty of the season, it seems, will not go without repercussions Leferball In preserving the title, which appeared in the statements of the German coach yourgen clubAfter the match.

And according to “Football 365”, Klopp said that the defeat “is never easy to explain.”

“With all the English words, it’s a huge punch in the face, or whatever, it’s my responsibility, that’s the easy explanation,” Klopp said. “We had a lot of possession and created some chances but didn’t take advantage of it, that kept the match open to all possibilities, and then they got a kick.” Penalty, tell me (goalkeeper) Alison He (Burnley player) didn’t touch him, but I never saw the game again. “

And the German coach considered that “it is difficult, it is not easy to explain (..) The players worked hard tonight and did not win, if something does not work you have to work harder, often, for a longer period. It was not easy to lose that. the match..”.

Klopp concluded his sad dialogue, saying, “We cannot imagine the title race at the moment.”

And Liverpool are trailing the leaders Manchester United With a full 6 points after 19 rounds that represent exactly half a season, it does not look very promising for the team.

It is noteworthy that Klopp received many criticisms for not paying the duo, the Egyptian Mohamed Salah, Brazil FerminoSince the start of the match, before entering the two of them late in the second half after about an hour of play.


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