Khashas Al-Fann – Yasser Al-Azma series will not be filmed in Damascus … and this actress is new


News continues about the new series of the Syrian actor and writerYasser Al-AzmaWhich did not settle on the name between “Swallow” and “Sitcom”, and we learned that the work will not be filmed in Damascus as it was rumored, but rather in the United Arab Emirates.
A group of Syrian actors will participate in the work, including Abed Fahd, Samia Al-Jazaery, Maha Al-Masry, Safaa Sultan, Salma Al-Masry, Gerges Jabara, Fadi Sobeih and Muhammad Qana’a, and the new is the joining of the Syrian actressAlgerian morningTo the list of heroes with its fellow countryman, Bashar Ismail.
The work is written by Yasser Al-Azma and directed by Khairy Bishara, after the Syrian director Rasha Sharbatji apologized for taking over the production.
It is noteworthy that the last series presented by Yasser Al-Azma was 8 years ago, “Maraya 2013”.


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