Khalfan responds to considering the Brahimi House an “infidelity” after the uproar of Othman’s statements Thursday


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Dhahi Khalfan’s response to the uproar sparked by the Kuwaiti preacher Othman Al-Khamis’s criticism of the Brahimi House in the UAE and what he considered “infidelity” in statements that sparked widespread controversy during the past two days.

This came in a series of tweets by Khalfan, in which he said: “We as Muslims ask the Buddhist, Hindu, Christian and Jewish countries to allow us to open mosques in their countries … but if they ask in return to open the homes of his worshipers to them, we reject the pretext that this is disbelief .. and that perhaps people will enter We have those religions … and we are proud that millions converted to Islam in their homes … Sweetened them … What do you think? ”

He continued, saying, “We open one place for worship for them … and they allow us to open hundreds or even thousands of mosques in their countries … and curse them … The UAE is a country with its leaders. We do not need to give us lessons in Islam … who have entered Islam and declared their Islam in our mosques.” More than any Arab country … Whoever throws us at disbelief to fear God in himself .. If God wanted people to be of one religion, they would not disagree … they have their religion, we have one. ”

He added, “Soon I will buy land for Islam in a Hindu country … and they did not refuse my purchase of the land … Thousands of students will learn the Quran in it … and hundreds of other Muslims are allowed to open Quran schools and mosques … We trust in the ability of our religion to convince others … We are not weak … in convincing the other of the oneness of God .. Hindus have been with us for a hundred years some of them .. Give me one Emirati who has become a Hindu .. But come see the number of Hindus who have converted to Islam … We are strong in our conviction that Islam is what no one wanted but his victory. The UAE has the ability to deliver the message of Islam and its noble goals to everyone who violates Islam …. We are not one who lacks confidence in himself.

And Adraf: “Interfaith dialogue is an old issue that Islamic countries have adopted … the aim is to prevent extremism and exaggeration in fighting each other … You ask to build thousands of mosques for Muslims with him … and he asks for one temple … and you refuse … Let everyone pray as he thinks, by God.” I know who is the most correct and pious..My conviction is a Muslim .. and your conviction is a Jew..and that is a Christian .. this is his conviction is a Buddhist .. this is how God wanted people to differ … and if he wanted them to have one religion, they would not follow one religion..I saw Western Christians contemplate the text The Qur’an and embraced Islam … and I saw Buddhists also embraced Islam with their conviction .. That is why who we look upon as an infidel … He sees us in his view that we are unbelievers in God … the Abrahamic house from any side..a disbelief …. Every religion owner has a place of worship .. this is blasphemy. ”


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