Khaled Al-Ghandour reveals new developments in Mustafa Mohamed’s professional file


reveal Khaled El-Ghandour Team player Zamalek Earlier, for new developments in the professional file Mustafa Mohammed White Castle striker.

Al-Ghandour confirmed that there is a large marketing company in France that sent a letter to the Zamalek club that they are honored to deal with Zamalek in the deal of Mustafa Mohamed, and indicated that this company deals with top French clubs.

Al-Ghandour added that during the speech, the company revealed that it had no problem with Mustafa Muhammad staying until the end of the season or after the Olympics, with Zamalek, stressing that this company deals with clubs in France that want to include the player, explaining that they are clubs participating in European championships.

Al-Ghandour said, “Saint Etienne of France wanted to buy Mustafa Mohamed as a bridge to move to a large club in France as a kind of sports investment.

French club Saint-Etienne apologized to Zamalek and its fans for his recent statements regarding the club’s negotiations with the White Castle regarding the transfer of Zamalek player Mostafa Mohamed to the French club.

The letter stated: “The statements of Saint Etienne’s president, Roland Romier, were not against the members of the board of directors of Zamalek … but towards all the mediators who wanted to participate in the negotiation process between the two clubs regarding the transfer of Mustafa Mohamed .. Saint-Etienne deeply regrets this misunderstanding .. We firmly believe in the professionalism of Zamalek and the loyalty and honesty of its board members … We sincerely want Zamalek and Saint-Etienne to maintain a good working relationship. “

Zamalek had announced the final end of negotiations with the French club Saint-Etienne regarding the sale of Mustafa Mohamed, the team’s striker, due to the statements of the French club’s president.
Zamalek Club issued an official statement announcing the cancellation of negotiations over the sale of Mustafa Mohamed, and demanding that the French club disclose the names of those who requested money in the event that the deal was not completed – in the event that they were available, Zamalek Club also revealed that all legal measures have been taken against the club in this regard. .

The French “Saint-Etienne” apologizes to Zamalek and his fans


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