Karim Afifi confirms that he is “lucky” to have participated in successful business


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Description of the young Egyptian artist Karim AfifiThe star of the “Masr Theater” that was recently suspended, he himself is “the lucky one”, due to his participation in successful works at the beginning of his artistic career. “Afifi” said, “Praise be to God, I am fortunate, in many needs, our Lord helped me with them, whether in drama or theater, I worked Good steps. ”And about how anxious he was about the second wave of Corona VirusHe said: “I am not afraid of Corona, we make our precautions and the rest is on our Lord. I often have to walk with mask and alcohol, especially when I deal with people on the street or on filming sites, but while I am in my car or with my family, I do not use them.”

Regarding his new artistic works, Afifi said: “By doing the Naguib Zahi Zarkash series, we have saved about 50% of the filming of the scenes, and it will be shown next Ramadan.” And about his role in the series, he said: “The role of Saad Nassar is a young man who has a dream that he will see all the time and we will see He will achieve it or not. ”He continued:“ The first time I stand in front of Dr. Yahya Al-Fakharani, a great and very simple need, a dream for anyone to represent or profess this profession. Who stands in front of him, “and added:” I have a new film inside his pictures soon, called The Nile Crocodiles, and I contracted a movie (The Court) written by Ahmed Abdullah, directed by Ahmed Amin. ”

It is noteworthy that Karim Afifi was born in Cairo on November 24, 1987, and began his artistic career through the University Theater during his studies at the Faculty of Commerce, and participated with his colleagues in writing and directing a large number of plays at the university, then participated, nominated by the artist Khaled Galal, in the play (SMS) that The Lebanese actress starred as Nicole Saba. Then he participated in the play “Hamlet” in 2010, for the artist Ashraf Abdel Baqi to choose to be one of the “Teatro Egypt” team in 2013, and among his most prominent works is also “Me, Papa and Mama, be free of your mind.” Afifi in drama and cinema, including: “Ould Al-Ghalaba, Longing, Al-Kabeer Oi, Ocean 14, Ramadan Kareem, Good and Blessing, minting your sisters.”

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