Karen Rizkallah pregnant or a joke? – picture


The Lebanese star Karen Rizzaq-Allah published a picture of her and she looked “pregnant” in the last month, and her image won many likes and comments.

Karen preceded all the congratulations and wrote a comment on the picture: “Don’t believe … a joke,” meaning that her image is not real and may be a scene from the series “350 grams”, which will bring her together with the Syrian star Abed_ Fahd and participate for the first time in the Pan Arab series after her overwhelming successes in the Lebanese drama.

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Despite Karen’s justification for the photo, the majority did not read her comment, and was satisfied with what appeared in the shot. The majority congratulated her on her imaginary baby, while others asked her how she could be “pregnant” despite her separation from her husband, the Lebanese actor Fadi Charbel.

She deserves to stand by Abed-Fahd, the great Arab star, because she has worked so hard and over the years to reach stardom, that is, she tired until she reaches her dream, and this is what makes her always excel in any work she writes or co-stars.

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Karen simulated the Lebanese reality with her series, and the pain of her people with her writings, presented comedy and tragedy, and succeeded in both together, and she made a strong start through the romantic comedy series “My Heart” and spoke and competed through it the most important joint Arab works and won them at that time with a very high viewing rate.

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Photo published by Karen Rizkallah
Photo published by Karen Rizkallah


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