Jordan- Samsung unveils its latest Galaxy S21 smartphones


(MENAFN – Alghad Newspaper)

Oman- In celebration of the global official launch of the new release models of the Galaxy series phones, the “Galaxy S21” phone, the “Galaxy S21 +” phone and the exceptional smart phone “Galaxy S21 Ultra”, the company, “Samsung Electronics Levant”, hosted a group of influencers and bloggers in the field of technology Activists on social media platforms, as part of a first-of-its-kind event, during which they were able to see, while in their vehicles, the features of the new version models, in order to preserve the rules and conditions for the separation, on Saturday, January 16th.
The invitees, who were divided into two groups in compliance with the laws, were able to gain more knowledge about the performance of the three phones that make up the new generation of the Galaxy series phones, which is relentless in various aspects, especially with regard to the innovative features and functions of the S-Pen.
The event started with a welcoming speech delivered by the director of the smart phone department at “Samsung Electronics Levant”, Moataz Al Aqrabawi, in which he expressed his happiness to meet the attendees, and expressed his pride in the innovations of the Samsung brand, especially in the world of smart phones, which his company is keen to support the Kingdom With all that is new, especially at the present time when there is an increasing demand for solutions that facilitate communication, work, spend quality times, and even maintain health through one device that is efficient and great quality, thus eliminating the use of more than one device to perform many tasks, which is transmitted by experience To more advanced levels that express the innovative and developmental effort of Samsung. The event included the presentation of a part of the events of the ceremony to reveal the Samsung Galaxy S21, which was held by default through the website of the “Samsung Electronics” company on Thursday January 14th, and concluded with entertaining paragraphs.



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