Jihan Abdel Azim retracts his retirement and some criticize her


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The Syrian actress revealed Jihan Abdel Azim About a surprise decision for her fans regarding her return to art again after her retirement from the acting profession, but her new comeback will not be like her predecessor; Abdel-Azim responded to public inquiries after she posted a picture of her on her page on Instagram When they asked her to return to acting, because they longed for her looks, roles and talent, to respond to them that she was preparing to return to art, but away from acting, without revealing further details.
The Syrian actress said: “I will return to art, but not through acting … surprise you will like it.”
Cihan’s ambiguity in her answer increased questions about the nature of the new profession that she will enter into the art world again, so speculation begins about that. Some of them said that she will return as a singer, others said that she is YouTubers, and a third party commented that she is a writer of cinematic works.
In the meantime, the artist also received words from spinning and praising her new look, “Much to my mind, oh moon shop, what is the beauty”, while one of the follow-ups wrote: “May God help you and make you succeed with all your life and your work with good news. A lot.” Other people attacked The Syrian artist, asserting that she intended to cause confusion with her decision to retire, in order to make headlines, and now she decides to return to art from another door, after it has been highlighted. It is worth noting that Jihan Abdel Azim surprised her audience with her decision to retire from art when she posted on Instagram. A picture in which she said that she knows her fans are eagerly waiting for her return, but after thinking at length, she made the decision to retire individually.

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