Japan cuts doubt with certainty: We will not cancel the Tokyo Olympics


After several previous reports questioned the possibility of holding the Tokyo Olympics, Japan has cut doubt with certainty, confirming its endeavor to hold this important sporting event next summer. Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga announced, on Friday, that he is determined to hold the Olympiad as scheduled.

He also added in the Japanese parliament that he will cooperate with the Tokyo government and the International Olympic Committee in this regard.

In turn, the Olympic Organizing Committee confirmed that the government is taking comprehensive measures to combat Corona infection in order to hold the Olympiad, adding that all partners, including the International Olympic Committee, are focusing on holding the Olympiad next summer.

In addition, he stressed the continuation of efforts in preparation for holding a safe Olympiad.

Sports event canceled ?!
These statements come after a report by the British newspaper The Times, quoting a source in the ruling coalition, as saying, that the Japanese government has implicitly recognized that the games should be canceled due to the Corona pandemic.

The newspaper added that the government will focus on winning the holding of the Olympiad on the next available date in 2032.

It is noteworthy that Japan has not been affected by the pandemic like other large economies, but the recent increase in the number of people infected with the infection has led to the closure of borders to non-residents of foreigners and the declaration of a state of emergency in Tokyo and other major cities.

Recent opinion polls also showed that about 80% of Japanese do not want to hold the Olympics next summer due to fears of an increase in the number of athletes and the spread of the virus.

Save face
Against this background, the Times said that the Japanese government is seeking to save face by announcing the cancellation of the Olympiad, which will leave the door open for Tokyo to host it at a later time.

To that, the Times quoted the source: “Nobody wants to be the first to announce the matter, but the prevailing opinion is the difficulty of organizing the tournament. Personally, I do not think it can be held.”

“It will restore hope and courage.”
In return, organizers and the Japanese government have previously pledged to end preparations for hosting the tournament, which starts on July 23.

Last week, the Japanese prime minister said staging the tournament “will restore hope and courage to the world.”


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