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Israel talks about encouraging initial results ...

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The Maccabi Health Care Organization in Israel said Monday that less than 0.01% of those who received the Pfizer vaccine to prevent Covid-19 had contracted the virus, after more than

Source: Reuters

Maccabi Health Care Service Provider in the said Israel On Monday, less than 0.01% of those who received the Pfizer vaccine to prevent COVID-19 contracted the virus more than a week after receiving the second dose.

The preliminary results published by the organization concerned with preserving public health showed that of the 128,600 people who received the two doses, only 20 had contracted the virus since then.

Israel provides Pfizer with weekly updates of data about its vaccination campaign under a cooperation agreement that may help other countries improve their vaccination campaigns.

“According to Maccabi experts, these are preliminary data, but the numbers are very encouraging,” Maccabi said in a statement.

“McCabe announces that of the 20 people who have been infected, 50% of them suffer from chronic diseases.” All patients experienced mild malaise with symptoms including headache, cough, weakness or fatigue. No one was hospitalized or the temperature rose above 38.5 ° C. Most of the patients were examined for COVID-19 due to contact with a confirmed patient. ”

More than 2.6 million Israelis received a single dose of the vaccine, while 1.2 million received the two doses, out of about nine million people.

Israel has recorded nearly 600,000 cases of corona and 4,478 deaths since the start of the pandemic.


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