Is the strength of the Saudi Professional League declined?


          Al-Qarouni said that the Corona pandemic had harmed the clubs ... Al-Shiha described the competition as boring ... and the Cheetah: Foreign players are the reason            </p><div itemprop="articleBody">
          <p>Football experts including former coaches and stars described the difference in performance and fluctuations in the level of the major clubs competing in the Saudi Professional League as strange.

Experts considered foreign players the main indicator of clubs’ brilliance or decline, while others pointed to other aspects, including physical and psychological pressures and others.

Football expert Khaled Al-Qarouni, who previously trained several Saudi clubs and national teams, said that the abundance of foreign players greatly reduced the differences between the teams, but he certainly did not make them equal in terms of the technical capabilities of the players.

He indicated that there are very strange fluctuations for a number of teams, such as Al-Ahly, who loses from cooperation and then Qadisiyah in the trios, while administrative stimulation and technical correction attend so that the team is a strong match for the leader Hilal, and is a candidate for victory, which reflects the great role of the administrative side that attends sometimes and not permanently.

He stressed that the absence of some of the most distinguished stars in the league championship, especially the attackers, from their levels has a clear impact, although the funding for these stars is not strong from the midfield, which means that they cannot fully bear the decline in the percentage of scoring and stardom.

He believed that the clubs do not have many options that would make them change their “skin” during the winter registration period, especially in light of the application of the “financial competency” system, as this was evident through the reduction in the number of dismissals of coaches to “3” only with the expiration of “13” rounds. The clubs not contracting other coaches except to give confidence in coaches they have in the Sunni groups, and the same situation may be in the matter of foreign players, unlike what was in previous seasons.

As for Ahmed Khalil, the international defender and former Al-Hilal player, he attributed the decline in the levels of teams and stars to the pressure of the season and competitions, especially in the big teams that were subjected to great pressure on the technical and physical level, especially Al-Hilal.

He pointed out that physical comfort has an effective role for local and foreign players alike, so it is likely that the situation will remain as it is until advanced rounds in terms of fluctuations in results, especially that there are teams that include foreign players who present distinctive and advanced levels, while the level of distinguished players decreases. In competitive teams as a result of existing pressures.

And he considered that the leagues around the world are very weak, and the impact that Corona has left on football competitions and the fun that is always expected of them.

For his part, Nasser Al-Fahd, the Saudi international player and former club Al-Nasr, saw that there is no qualified team to take over the leadership teams, and to raise the level of competition in the league, with the decline in the victory rankings in the table.

He added, “I do not say these words because I was a former Nasserite player, but because this team is the best in all respects to be at the top and everyone competes with it, but unfortunately it was exposed to arbitration problems that led to a decline in its results at the beginning of the league competitions.

And the cheetah returned to confirm that Al-Nasr is able to return to compete strongly, and thus the competition in the league championship, provided that no exposure to what had been exposed at the beginning of the season, and caused its retreat before gradually returning in the last matches.

He stressed that the Saudi Professional League deserves to be at the best technical level, especially that there is a large amount of spending and unprecedented government support provided for sports in order to rise to the best levels.

Al-Fahd agreed with the hadiths about the absence of the levels of some prominent stars in the clubs, and the failure to provide the technical performance expected of them had an effect on the low level because foreigners were the majority in the teams, as well as the lack of an abundance of Saudi talent had a clear effect on the existing decline.

For his part, Marwan al-Shiha, the star of the previous agreement, said that what is happening in the league championship this season is surprising; Because the decline is not related to one club, rather it is a decline in general for the big clubs except for Al-Ittihad, which can be said to be an improvement over what it was in the last two seasons, and yet it lost its last matches against Abha.

He added, “The point differences between the teams are very small. It is true that there is competition at the level of harvest, but there is no technical level, especially with the decline in the level of foreigners, who are considered a superstar, such as Gomez, Omar Al-Somah and Abdul Razzaq Hamad Allah, and this is what affected their teams.” .

He expected Al-Ittihad to regain its balance quickly and may remain in competition with Al-Hilal, Al-Ahly and Al-Shabab, describing the league this season as boring so far.

Finally, Nizar Abbas, the former striker of the Saudi national team and Al-Ittihad, considered that this convergence in the results has its advantages, especially that Al-Ittihad showed positive signs of its ability to return to competition, considering that his loss in the last match against Abha could have positive effects.

Regarding the competition, he said: “Al Hilal’s prestige remains present as it is a permanent competitor, even if it retreats in results and levels. The competition can remain until the last round with the ability of some teams to return to the struggle for the advanced positions.

He pointed out that Al-Ahly has a problem with lack of success in the foreign players, except for the Syrian striker Omar Al-Somah, which appears to be a clear indication of Al-Ahly’s recovery and vice versa, while he indicated that victory could advance more to the top positions in the next rounds.


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