Is Karen Rizkallah pregnant and what is her relationship with Abed Fahd? – (Picture)


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Beirut – “Al-Quds Al-Arabi”: Lebanese actress Karen Rizkallah raised controversy by posting a picture of her through her official account on the “Instagram” website, in which she appeared pregnant, and to prevent speculation, she commented on the photo by saying: “Don’t believe … a joke.”

And it turns out that the truth of this picture goes back to one of her scenes that she filmed in the series “350 Grams” in Abu Dhabi, where she plays the starring role alongside the two Syrian stars Abed Fahd and Saloum Haddad with a group of actors, most notably Qassem Mansour, Grace Qabali, Mustafa Saad Eddin and Khaled Najm.

In this series, Karen embodies the role of Abed Fahd’s wife as (Lawyer Noah), a good woman, transparent and gentle, and her emotions and simplicity are similar to Noah’s mother, but later discovers a specific event that turns her upside down and turns her into another woman.

Karen had expressed her happiness to participate in the series “350 grams”, which represents her first experience in presenting a joint Arab production “Pan Arab”, a step she had wanted to take for a while, as well as in filming in the Emirates, and indicated that she is not concerned From a comparison with the dualities presented by Abed Fahd in his previous works with Lebanese artists, pointing out that the performance in each work differs, and “it is not necessarily better or worse, but it is different and has a new taste.”

It should be noted that the star Abed Fahd had published, in recent days, a picture of the character that he would perform, which sparked controversy over whether he was The character of Prince Alwaleed bin Talal. This is denied by Abed, who has become known that he will embody “the character of the lawyer, Noah, who is the owner of difficult cases breaking the law and employing him for his own benefit. He will suffer a heart attack, and his wife intervenes to save him despite his refusal to enter the operating room. He donates his heart to a girl who lives in the same neighborhood, and then this operation is replaced in exchange for a sum of money. The heart enters Noah’s hollow, who later discovers how the process of buying this heart was made.

The series “350 Grams” is produced by Iyad Al-Khuzouz, directed by Mohamed Lotfy, and will be shown in the next Ramadan race.


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