“IPhone 13” will go back to the past … to adapt to the virus


According to “Bloomberg”, the integrated fingerprint reader is the most prominent feature that Apple is testing, during the current year.

Starting with the “iPhone X” phone, “Apple” launched all “iPhones” without Fingerprint readerExcept for “iPhone SE” which was announced in 2020.

The fingerprint reader was abandoned for the sake of relying on an alternative solution, which is the biometric identification feature the face.

However, it turned out later that the facial recognition feature was the weakest performance, in practice, especially in light of the current epidemic in which people need to wear GagsAnd, they may find it difficult to completely bar their faces when outside.

Accordingly, many people found themselves forced to enter the secret “code” in order to avoid removing the protective mask from the emerging corona virus.

However, “Apple” may not benefit from this feature, because it is not a “great gain” in the eyes of “Apple” users, considering that it has been available for years in competing “Samsung” phones.

Apple will not give up the facial recognition feature, but will add the fingerprint reader only, so that the user has more options when he intends to unlock the lock.

Meanwhile, it was reported that “Apple” intends to remove the charging port from one of the “iPhone 13” models, in order to move towards wireless charging.

Other news spread that “Apple” developed an iPhone with a foldable screen, similar to what the “Samsung” company had done before.

But the company “Apple” has not yet decided any step regarding a foldable iPhone, and there are no experimental models so far, as part of preparations for September 2021 devices.


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