Intel launches its “Iris Xe” graphics card for desktop computers


Intel has officially announced the launch of its first “Iris Xe” discrete graphics card for desktop computers, which will come pre-installed on consumer devices.

Where the company said in its official blog that the new card – codenamed DG1 – came in cooperation with two ecosystem partnerships for the sector; One of them is ASUS; Pointing out that the chip is intended for the average user and small and medium businesses.

Intel had first tapped Iris Xe graphics cards at CES2020 after a long wait for them to enter this market; During the event, a live experience of Destiny 2’s GPU capabilities was provided.

The first laptops with Iris Xe Max cards came last October in devices from Acer, Asus and Dell; To come today, the company launches Xe cards for desktop computers, complementing a ring that covers both parts of computers. Knowing that it is not currently sold to the consumer separately, as we explained, the company launched it for manufacturers and small and medium businesses.

Iris Xe DG1 card is based on the Tiger Lake architecture and has similar specifications to those for laptops, but it is slightly lower in performance. The card has three external screen ports with HDR support, 80 implementation units and 4 GB LPDDR4x memory.

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